Mute Screen Tracking iPhone App

Mute – my new digital detox app – helps people tackle smartphone addiction by making you feel good for not using your phone. Mute is like a Fitbit for digital detoxing.

How much do you think you use your phone? The average user of Mute spends 3 hours and 19 minutes on their phone every day, checking it 51 times. That equates to one and a half days of every waking week staring at our phones!

Since soft launching as an MVP in Jan 2018 Mute has been featured in a range of publications including the Guardian and Mashable: “How 1 app helped me tackle my iPhone addiction once and for all”

Some of the things users have been saying about Mute: “Possibly the most important app on your phone”, “Great app that’s kicking my app habits”, “Game changing“, “Works like magic”.


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