A fun & fast-paced multiplayer word game for scrabble nuts


How to Modally Present Windows as Sheets in OS X (Yosemite & Mavericks)

When developing iOS Apps it’s very rare to come up against a technical challenge that hasn’t already been solved and the solution shared on Stack Overflow or in Apple’s sample code in the iOS Dev Center. Unfortunately I haven’t experienced the same luxury with Mac OS X Development. In a Mac App that I’m currently […]

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Unity: a Great Tool for Kids Learning to Code Games

Over the Christmas break while many were munching mince-pies and stuffing in the turkey, my son Finn and I were coding games in Unity Finn’s 11. He’s currently in his first year of Secondary School. He’s a keen gamer on his Xbox and iPad. Tempting him to try and learn a little code to understand […]

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A Hacking Experience By The Sea

Last Thursday at 5pm I joined around 100 other geeks at Parse By The Sea – an all night ‘hackathon’ and part of the Brighton Digital Festival. What is a ‘Hackathon’? The idea behind a hackathon is to work with other developers to code/hack new digital features or product prototypes in a short (and intense) […]

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