Upgrading Flex SDK to 3.3

This morning I downloaded and installed the new Flex 3.3 SDK recently released by Adobe. Thanks for the post Ted.

I prefer to load Flex SDK as a runtime shared library but soon found that this was generating a couple of runtime errors when my projects were initialising:

Error #2034: An invalid digest was supplied.
Failed to load RSL framework_3.2.0.3958.swz
Failing over to RSL framework_3.2.0.3958.swf
Flex Error #1001: Digest mismatch with RSL http://myurl/framework_3.2.0.3958.swf. Redeploy the matching RSL or relink your application with the matching library.

Via the project properties I’d set the flex framework to be loaded as a runtime shared library ok and chosen the option to deploy the RSL swf. Flex Builder was deploying the swf, I guess by compiling it from the new SDK source but the error I believe relates to the generated RSLs don’t have the required validation compiled into them.

The solution:

You can just grab the verified RSLs that are included in the new SDK download which you’ll find via the following path:

[Flex SDK folder]/frameworks/rsls/framework_3.3.0.4852.swf
[Flex SDK folder]/frameworks/rsls/framework_3.3.0.4852.swz

Copy those files into your html-template folder and then be sure to specify the relative paths to those 2 RSLs via the [Your Project] > Properties > Flex Build Path > Library Path > Flex 3.3 > framework.swc > RSL URL

Hope that saves you some time with that error 🙂