Pitching the Microphone with Flash Player 10.1 Beta

I’ve been lucky enough to get some Research & Development work in over the last few weeks. The latest batch of work has included some experimental stuff with the the new Microphone features introduced in Flash Player 10.1 which is currently in beta. You can download the required Flash Player here.

In the example below the app will automatically record your voice until you stop talking and will playback the sound bytes as Barry White or a Chipmunk (adjust using the slider).

Prior to Flash 10.1 you could manipulate the sound bytearray from an mp3 at runtime but you couldn’t access the native incoming microphone data. I can see this modification to the Flash Player leading to some really cool future games and apps.

In my example there’s currently no encoding to mp3. I just save the incoming sound byte arrays in memory. I think there may be as3 mp3 encoders already written if this was a project requirement.

Microphone Fun

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I’m also really intrigued by Didier Brun’s R&D work on voice recognition in Flash Player 10.1:



Looks like he’s really getting somewhere from those example videos. I guess one approach might be to render the sound data samples to bitmaps and run the sort of blend, colour threshold comparisons that you achieve with Flash WebCam motion detection.

Thanks to Andre Michelle’s shared work on pitching MP3s and Devon Wolfgang’s microphone code example I was able to get the above up and running.

Here’s the source 🙂