Wordsy is a fun, fast-paced multiplayer iOS word game for scrabble nuts.

Racing against the clock, players compete to win as many points as possible from multiple sets of letter tiles. The name of the game is combining brain-power and speed where longer words win double or treble points! Like a horse race, players who finish first win a gold medal!

I devised the game concept and built both the client and server-side with native Objective-C, Node.js, Parse and Pusher technologies.

In Wordsy your friends can challenge you, play the game immediately and you can play the same game against them at a later time in the day, although it’ll feel like you’re playing them live. This is a technique known as ‘ghosting’ – a clever way to overcome the challenge of making a realtime game also work asynchronously!

Wordsy is published through games company Poptacular, the guys behind 100 Pics – one of the most popular word games in the App Store.