My wife is a photographer and when she meets clients she lugs about a very large portfolio case holding a selection of suitable prints for each client. The case is heavy and cumbersome. Sure, the prints are ordered but it can be a pain for her to sift through her portfolio to find particular photographs during a meeting. The situation is a similar problem for thousands of photographers and designers. Far from ideal.

The iPad
The iPad is the perfect device for photographers to present their portfolio to clients. Swiping and zooming through photos on the iPad not only looks amazing on it’s HD display, it enables professional photographers to take their entire portfolio to client meetings in a lightweight device that fits inside an A4 envelope.

Apple’s Photos App
But Apple provide a great Photos App for the iPad already so why not just use that? Here are a couple of reasons.

  • What about when your private pics get mixed in with your professional ones?
  • What if you want to add a title and description to each of your photos?
  • What if you want to import your photos from Flickr or Dropbox and not have to rely solely on iTunes and iPhoto syncing?

iPhoto is a great app for viewing photos and videos of family and friends but when it comes to the professional photographer, you want a bespoke looking app that that looks like it belongs to you. Your Brand. Your Portfolio. Your App.

Introducing Portfolio Pro
Portfolio Pro for iPad, my latest project, is a brandable photo & video presentation app built for photographers, designers & creatives.

With batch import from Flickr, Dropbox and your iPad, Portfolio Pro gives professional users an extensive collection of ways to get their work onto the iPad. The app consists of 3 main sections: home screensaver for featured work, galleries and flippable fullscreen slideshow mode.

Portfolio Management
While Portfolio Pro imports your high res JPGs, PNGs, TIFs, GIFs, MOVs, MP4s and M4Vs you are free to simultaneously drag and drop to rearrange galleries, add names and descriptions to your work (also automatically imported from Flickr and Dropbox).

An Intuitive Experience
Having tried and tested pretty much every portfolio app for iPad in the App Store I can honestly say I think it’s rare to find a portfolio app that is both beautiful to present with and easy to use and configure. That’s exactly what I’ve set out to achieve with Portfolio Pro. Not only does Portfolio Pro look beautiful when presenting your work to clients, making changes to galleries and media is also super-simple and intuitive. Triple-tap any screen to switch between client and edit modes. Check out the video to see it in action.

I’ve set-up a dedicated website for Portfolio Pro here showcasing screengrabs of the app in action and many further details but if you’re already sold already here’s a direct link to Portfolio Pro on the App Store: