Poker Royale is a FREE, stylish and easy-to-play Texas Hold’em multiplayer game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Challenge Game Center and Facebook friends to join you and climb your way up through the high stakes tables to win millions of virtual poker chips!

Poker Royale is an app that I created with 2 other developers – Ben Dowling and Mike Ross. It’s a project that’s been in development for about six months but we are finally live in the App Store and going strong!

Building a multiplayer game that can host thousands of simultaneous real users playing against each other anywhere in the world on their iPhones and iPads is no easy task! We’ve built something that really stands out from the competition and our users seem to be loving the results.

I jumped at the chance to be involved in developing a Poker app as for me this kind of project is a real mix of business and pleasure 🙂 I play a weekly poker game with friends and have been known to dabble online occasionally. As well as being a game of skill, probability and maths, poker can be a great sociable game. We’ve worked hard to ensure it’s really easy to play and invite your friends to tables in the game and developed a fun chat experience so that you can banter with players around the poker table. It’s kind of funny when you find yourself chatting to a Russian or Japanese player though – thankfully, Poker’s a global language!

What Makes us Unique?

♦ Have You Made The Rich List?
Poker Royale features the most successful poker players and friends in The Rich List – a chart of the top 100 highest rollers in the game based on real-time chip counts.

♥ Social
Poker Royale leverages Facebook and Game Center social networks to instantly connect players with their friends and family by inviting friends to join virtual poker tables. Find your online friends, join their tables, send them challenges, chat messages and compare scores.

♣ Multi-table
Poker Royale is the only iOS Poker game to enable players to compete on more than one table simultaneously. Win more hands on up to 4 tables at once!

♠ Chip Rewards
Win free chips for inviting friends and playing regularly.

What Players Say…

Here are a few of the five star reviews we’ve been getting on a daily basis:

This brings back the enjoyment I got from iOS Poker before the AppStore got saturated with clones…

If you want a higher brow alternative to the popular but annoyingly slutty Zynga poker, this is a great option!

Amazing setup with multiple tables that each have their own blind value and buy in amount from 1/2 all the way to 500M/1B

Wonderfully smooth easy to use game

Works really well, clearly lots of thought has been put into this, really slick design, fast animations, and speedy between games! And looks amazing on iPad! Great job.

The best poker app I’ve found with great graphics and so easy to use. I’m addicted!

If you love poker you’re gonna love Poker Royale. Download it for free from the App Store and don’t forget to tell your friends!