BP Passport • The world’s easiest to use blood pressure app ❤️

As part of my job as Lead Mobile Developer for Automation Squared

BP Passport is a beautiful, easy to use blood pressure app developed to help prevent millions of deaths from cardiovascular disease in third world counties like India.

The App

Our client Resolve to Save Lives is on a mission to save 100 million lives globally. The BP Passport app has became a core part of that mission. The app is translated into over 10 languages including Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi.

Unlike the UK and the US in India many patients have no medical history records. Globally hypertension is one of the most common ways that people die. The BP Passport app was designed to be used by the 250,000 patients that Resolve to Save Lives are actively helping to monitor and regulate their blood pressure.

Our client pivoted during the development of BP Passport and also decided to make the app available to anyone as a handy BP monitoring app. Not just their patients in the 3rd world. This was a really cool move and on a personal note my dad is also now using BP Passport to track his BPs and the handy daily medication reminders feature we built in. I think it’s the only app of mine he’s ever used

The Tech

  • React Native – one code-base with two targets – Android and iOS. Android has about 99% market share in India so this was pretty important!
  • Redux and Redux Persist- the app works 100% offline and doesn’t share any personal data.
  • AppCenter for regular internal and client builds