Antidate are “flipping the rules of dating” with their innovative new dating app that puts the girls in control. Only the girls can make the first move in Antidate. Only the girls can see all the online and offline guys. The guys put up their profile and then sit back, relax and wait for the taps and chats to come flooding in 🙂

Antidate solves a number of common issues with dating apps and sites. Guys will often message all the girls they can and the girls end up getting bombarded with a lot of guys to turn down. As a result, according to Antidate, it’s five times more likely that a conversation will follow from a girl initiating contact.

I’ve been working on adding new features to Antidate. The original app was built by Jason Elder. It’s been a real pleasure to work on such a great app idea with a beautiful user interface design to boot!

Antidate is a native iOS App for iPhone 4s, 5 and 6. It makes extensive use of Parse Cloud Code to control all the security access, user management and communication within the app.