60 Second Reviews are a new UK-based startup offering a simple and engaging proposition: concise, interesting 60 second video reviews of Movies, Restaurants, Books and Wine on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The video reviews are delivered by industry-leading expert critics and was founded by Euan MacDonald and Nick Duncalf.

I was hired by 60 Second Reviews as a Consultant and iOS Developer to build an e-commerce iOS app that could deliver the video reviews, giving users a free taster of the content before enticing them to subscribe using Apple’s in-app purchase subscription model.

The content covered by 60secondreviews (Movies, Restaurants, Books and Wine) is quite broad and whereas it makes sense for Movie content to appear in the App Store’s Entertainment category, Food and Drink are more appropriate the Wine and Restaurant based content. It was these differences which led us to conclude in an early brainstorming session that by creating 4 apps, one for each product, we could divide up the content nicely across a suite of apps. Those only interested in Wine (no wino jokes please!) would be presented with only Wine reviews.

However, we’ve also connected the 4 apps by creating a custom toolbar that enables users to flip between the apps using multitasking in iOS. If an app find that you have also installed additional 60secondreview apps on the same device then it displays a launch icon for each. If you haven’t already installed the other apps then we display a download icon to enable users to download the other apps for free, making great use of in-app cross-promotion.

All of the 60 Second Review apps have been built in iOS 6 and make extensive use of the new Apple components and APIs such as collection views, appearance skinning and native Facebook and Twitter sharing.