I’ve recently started work developing a new iPhone Application and have found it fairly straight forward to get up and running with Xcode, Objective-C and the iPhone SDK. I thought I’d share some of my initial experiences and recommendations to other Developers to get up and running with iPhone Development:

If, like me, you’re already comfortable with Object Oriented Programming and MVC patterns then the first thing I’d suggest you read is Apple’s Object-C Primer page here:


(You may need to create a free developer login with Apple first to read this)

This page is enough to get you up to speed with the basic Object-C syntax – how instance and static methods are written, how each class need a m and a h (header, like an Interface file in Flex).

Download Apple’s examples

The iPhone Dev Center contains a whole bunch over very useful examples that make it very quick work to get up and running building iPhone apps that make use of the components that come bundled with the iPhone SDK. These are the ones I found most helpful for my table/ tab navigator type application:

TableViewSuite – I initially downloaded this example and found it a good starting point for understanding tables and how to create data providers/sources and table delegates.

The Elements – This has been the most useful example I’ve downloaded and used so far. I’ve used this as a base for how I’ve developed my own application. It doesn’t use a single xib/nib file and to be honest I found the whole Interface Builder development made things more confusing than they needed to be. If you don’t like Interface Builder and you want to learn how to build a Table based app without it this is the example you need!

I’m loving this iPhone Development. Might have to start reselling myself as an iPhone Developer 🙂

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