Portfolio to Go for Flickr has just been approved for sale by Apple and is now availabile for iPad on the App Store.

Following the success of Portfolio To Go Lite – a top 10 free iPad App for Photographers – this pro version adds many new features including:

  • Photo Wall:
    View all your Flickr photo galleries at once – scroll each gallery horizontally to browse thumbs, scroll vertically to traverse through all synced galleries. Click on any thumbnail to jump into the main image view.
  • Main image view displays gallery thumbnails to enable improved gallery navigation. Just click the main image to go full-screen.
  • Pick and choose which galleries to display and which to hide
  • Share your photos and Flickr links in app via Facebook, Twitter or Email

Apple has chosen to feature Portfolio to Go for Flickr in the new and noteworthy section of the iPad Photography category – they did the same for the Lite version 🙂


  1. Jasin

    Although I am a tad bit late in commenting on your post, here goes! You had a very tghuoroh assessment, and actually I almost immediately wanted to go back and revise mine (to include pictures, timeline, etc.). Seems that you have found solutions to the stumbling blocks that you had. PDF is usually the way to go these days, and you would probably be able to get the Adobe Acrobat software for around $110 or so (because you are an educator). Would surely be worth getting to know the software! It has really come in helpful for me over the past year and a half!Nice job!Debra 0 likes

  2. Why is that?! I really like your blog and always come here to see the news!!! But I understand, I feel the same about mine, it's like we're doing it and no one cares to visit… or maybe I just need too much attention!!! lol… I hope my comment makes you happy though, and remember at least I love it!!!

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    its soooo good to see you posting your shoots again Shyla!! This set is just down right spectacular. I love everything about it… the light, the clothes, the place, and you’re so lucky to get an incredibly pretty model too! well done Shyla!!

  4. They’re not. The first post is missing 6 words, each from a different sentence, which rendered 4 of those 6 sentences unintelligible.For example:“A room or two that use the element”vs“A room or two that use the Clock element.”Without that one word, you can’t even tell what I’m talking about.

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