This might save you some time if you’re building apps with Flex 4 Beta (Gumbo). In Spark Applications there is no backgroundAlpha property within you main MXML application file. To create a transparent Flex 4 background you’ll need to do the following:

1) Create a custom application skin MXML file.

2) Set the skinClass of your application MXML to the custom skin file: you can do this in the MXML for your app – eg. skinClass=”com.mycompany.myproject.skins.MyAppSkin”.

Search for the default ApplicationSkin.mxml in the Flex 4 SDK. Duplicate this file, rename it and place it within your project source. In the new skin code I just added alpha=”0″ to the backgroundRect declaration.

That’s it 🙂


  1. philip andrew

    Thanks! I use this so I can place my Gumbo app over the html. very useful as a CMS editing system.

  2. tony montana

    seriously? flex 4 so far, has been a f****ucking pain in the a**ss!!!! they’ve gone back to splash 2.0 days. little things like this have been driving me insAn3.

    why should I have to cutNpaste an old class, just to reuse existing functionality that used to be just 10 characters long?

    this works btw, but it’s ludicrous. I feel like I’ve gone to plaid. And now I’m a sad panda. 🙁

  3. Osman Ayabakan

    Fuck you flex 4 sdk. BackgroundImage not found :/

  4. Nick Kuh

    Yeah… they changed Flex UI Components and lost the background image style property in most (or all) cases which I think was a really bad move on Adobe’s part…

  5. Theo

    Could someone just send me a complete example.

    I don’t seem to get this together.


  6. Zarate

    You don’t need to copy the whole ApplicationSkin.mxml file, you can extend it.

    Just create and do this:

    import spark.skins.spark.ApplicationSkin;

    public class MySkin extends ApplicationSkin
    public function MySkin()
    backgroundRect.alpha = 0;

    Thanks a lot for the hint anyway : )


  7. Tom

    They have changed alsmot every thing ! Its a new start for every one… just a lot of waste of time ;-(

  8. tabman

    You rock 😉

    but you also need to add the following to javascript:
    params.wmode = “transparent”;

  9. edward

    Can we find flex code from any online User Interface which uses flex?

  10. Julia

    Awesome – this is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!

  11. Bhargav

    Answered my own question. You just need to rrcrtustuee the skin a little bit and put the scroller back around the RichEditableText element, and bind the scroll position of the “gutter” to the scroll position of the text editing area:


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