Thanks to Yezzer and Matt I managed to get hold of a video of my 3 minute “Elevator Pitch” at Flash on the Beach last week. Here it is!

The point I was trying to get across in my 3 minutes was that the differences between OOP programming languages such as ActionScript 3 and Objective-C really just boil down to syntax variants and not too much else really (memory handling aside which is a nightmare on the iPhone!). Flash runs in the browser (or desktop or mobile etc etc), Objective-C runs on the iPhone. Both languages contain classes, methods, static methods, constants, components etc etc.

The iPhone SDK has an MVC framework built in. MVC is a programmatic design pattern, it’s not unique to the iPhone and it’s not unique to PureMVC, Cairngorm or the other ActionScript Frameworks that Flash/Flex Developers often now use to build Apps.

ActionScript has matured so much since I started out as a Flash Dev 10 years ago. With it’s similarities to Java and other languages that have traditionally been considered more *hardcore* good OOP AS3 ActionScripters should no longer see themselves as just developers of Flash content – we now have skills that enable us to jump into other OOP languages quickly and easily (well not always!).

From a personal perspective I welcome Flex Builder and kiss goodbye to the timeline!

I guess the subject matter of my presentation – ActionScript to Objective-C (and everything in between!) was never going to appeal to all the 1000+ attendees of Flash on the Beach but it sounds like my point was taken by a few at least 🙂



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