I haven’t been responsible for the skinning on most of our Flex projects but today that’s exactly what I’ve been doing all day. I just discovered that setting the cornerRadius style of a HBox or VBox has no effect when used on it’s own in css or MXML. The style ‘borderStyle’ also needs to be set to ‘solid’ for the cornerRadius you’ve set to display! Weird…


  1. Jason

    After you set the borderStyle to solid you can set the borderThickness to 0 if you don’t want to show a border and the cornerRadius will still work.

  2. Ashal

    perfect tips !! i was trying many things to set my cornerRadius on my Vbox…and i found the solution there! Thanx !!


  3. Flex Blogger

    Great tip. That’s amazing how people can complicate other people’s life 🙂 Fortunately you came with the solution! Great work!

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