At Flash on the Beach this year I’ve been selected as one of 20 speakers who will get the chance to present to a full house at the Brighton Dome. But there’s a catch – we’ve each got the limelight for just 3 minutes!

There’s a real mixture of talent for this session and it looks pretty evenly split between designers and developers.

I think for many of the presenters this will be their chance to showcase their most visually engaging work, as 3 minutes is such a short time frame to get anything in-depth across.

The title of my talk, however, is ActionScript to Objective-C (and everything in between) – perhaps not the sexiest title and certainly not that easy to spice up with animated visuals!

I guess my thought behind this proposed presentation was to stick to what you do best. I’m a very experienced OOP ActionScripter and I write good extendable code (even if I do say so myself!). As my OOP skills have developed over the years so has my ability to pick up new programming languages quickly. This is really the message I hope to get across at FOTB – good OOP concepts in ActionScript can be applied to many programming languages and if you’re good at OOP then the core development principles of the iPhone SDK, Objective-C and other OOP based languages will not take long to master.

Come and check out the Elevator Pitch on Tuesday September 22nd at Flash on the Beach 2009 🙂

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