Prodigi – Manga High: Flex 4 Application

Prodigi, a key part of the new website, enables teachers to author GCSE Maths questions for every lesson of the National Curriculum. Then activities are dynamically generated for students in playback mode. Take a look at the promo video:

A lot of my work during 2009 has been the development of this Flex RIA Content Authoring System. Prodigi serves 3 purposes:

  1. It dynamically generates interactive online Maths lessons for every topic and subtopic of the UK Maths GCSE National Curriculum. The student experience tracks student attainment and progress levels and adjusts it’s questions accordingly. It aims to help, challenge and improve student’s knowledge of GCSE Maths.
  2. Prodigi sources it’s Maths questions from a database of hundreds of thousands of questions that have been submitted by Maths teachers. I had to develop an Author Mode for Prodigi to enable Teachers to create these questions. Author mode includes features such as multiple question templates and layouts, a complex equation editor, save and submission functions.
  3. The third mode of Prodigi is Auditor Mode enabling the top Math’s Teachers/Professors at MangaHigh to quickly assess queued Maths questions, accept, reject, comment on them etc.

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Get Lippy!: iPhone Application

Get Lippy! is a fun entertainment Application that I built for the iPhone earlier this year (2009).

This silly iPhone App automatically records when users talk into the microphone. Then it trims the sound input and plays back the speech either like a Chipmonk or Barry White: the App enables you to control the pitch adjustment.

You can choose pictures from your iPhone library or take your own on the fly and then select from 4 comic talking mouths that you can resize/reposition to overlay your photos. When the app plays back a recording it animates the lips fast or slow depending on the pitch as it detects audio levels.

New functionality in version 1.1 includes the ability for users to submit their animated recordings to the Get Lippy Gallery and send them to their mates.

Download Get Lippy! from the App Store

Update (4th October 09): Recently I was chosen as one of the 3 minute wonders to speak at Flash on the Beach ’09 conference. My presentation was about the iPhone Development Workflow from a Flash Developer’s perspective. You can see the video and a few more details here.

Telegraph Crossword + Sudoku: Flex Application

CluedUp is a popular subscription-based site for the Telegraph Newspaper. A skinned Flex 3 application that implements AMF remote data services, advanced skinning and modules.

This was a project I worked during my role as Lead Flex Developer for London agency World Archipelago.

We launched the Crosswords and Sudoko site CluedUp for the Daily Telegraph in the last quarter of 2008 – I built the Flex Crosswords and Sudoku Applications/Modules. Behind the scenes it’s one of my best structured projects to date and uses the following technologies/approaches:

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Scoop RSS Feed Reader: AIR Application

Scoop is a Google Reader AIR Application with offline/online Google Reader synchronization built in. It keeps track of multiple Google Reader accounts simultaneously.

Scoop is an AIR Application I developed with Adobe Flex Builder.

For anyone not familiar with RSS Feed Reader’s in summary they allow you to subscribe to multiple RSS news/blog feeds which you’ll find on tonnes and tonnes of websites and blogs in cyberspace. So, every time one of these websites posts a new story on their site the story or summary gets added to their site/page RSS feed – text, images and other media can also come through the feed.

You’ll see links to these RSS feeds on almost all the blog front pages out there and also on many information sites, whatever your interest – News sites, Sports sites, Celebrity Gossip sites etc etc

There’s a great browser based application called Google Reader which enables any google account holder (if you don’t have one already sign up for free here) to easily add any RSS feed to their Google Reader account and keeps track of all your subscribed feeds enabling you to quickly scan the latest scoops of your favorite sites every time you log into Google Reader.

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Power Rangers / Timelord: Multiplayer Flash Games

I’m a Developer who’s equally happy working server or client-side. So when Adobe launched Adobe’s Flash Media Server (originally named Flash Communication Server) back in 2002 I started experimenting with the new technology, developing simplified 3D multiuser environments.

FMS enabled Developers to create Multiuser Flash Applications by writing client and server-side ActionScript code.

Since 2002 I’ve implemented FMS into a great number of multiuser games for clients such as  such as World Archipelago, GridClub, and Sky Television :

Mathmobile Mayhem: Multiplayer Flash Game

Mathmobile Mayhem: Multiplayer Flash Game

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