Portfolio to Go for Flickr

Portfolio to Go for Flickr has just been approved for sale by Apple and is now availabile for iPad on the App Store.

A recent winner of Apple’s ‘iPad App of the Week’ award, Portfolio To Go features an elegant and intuitive photo-wall giving users instant access to all of their Flickr photosets: scroll each gallery horizontally to browse thumbs, scroll vertically to traverse through all synced galleries.
The main purpose of Portfolio To Go is to enable photographers to present their portfolio offline to clients – perfect for use with iPad wi-fi: just sync and go. Photographers create and edit photosets on Flickr.com and Portfolio To Go acts as a presentation tool, keeping in sync with all your Flickr changes.

Portfolio To Go supports all iPad rotations so can be flipped vertically for portraits and horizontally for landscapes.

Another unique selling point of this app is the ‘Send Portfolio to a Client’ feature. The Photographer picks and chooses which of his galleries to share and can then send an auto-generated email to clients and friends containing a free download link to ‘Portfolio To Go Player’ iPad App. By clicking the emailed link clients launch the photographer’s portfolio on their own iPad(s).

[flickr album=72157624609630073 num=30 size=Small]

Check out this great video review of Portfolio To Go on iPad. Mark Wallace from Adorama TV takes you through most of the key features of the app 🙂

Key Features

# Photo Wall:
View all your Flickr photo galleries at once – scroll each gallery horizontally to browse thumbs, scroll vertically to traverse through all synced galleries. Click on any thumbnail to jump into the main image view.

# Main image view displays gallery thumbnails to enable intuitive gallery navigation. Just click the main image to go full-screen.

# Flickr Authorization: access to all of your private, friends and family and public photos

# Multiple cached portfolios: add unlimited Flickr portfolios via your contacts or Flickr IDs to P2G and switch between them.

# Auto-cache photos: all photos get cached in the background while you browse (you can turn this feature off in settings)

# Send Portfolio to a Client: Pick and choose which galleries to include and then send your portfolio straight to clients and friends by email from the app. Clients will download the free Portfolio to Go Player app to their iPad and launch your portfolio from the emailed link.

# Share your photos and Flickr links via Facebook, Twitter or Email

# Save favourite Photos to your iPad Photo Library

W.A.Ellis Property: iPhone App

Built for Property specialist digital agency World Archipelago, I was supplied with the customized design and commissioned to build a reskinnable iPhone property app that can be added to WAI’s range of online solutions for their extensive range of Real Estate Agencies.

Here’s a live version for Estate Agency Halls:

The app includes the following features:

  • Auto-paginated property search
  • User-location finding for local property searches
  • Auto-saves recent search requests
  • Saved property list between sessions
  • Property location display on a map
  • In app email property to a friend
  • Property details image gallery
  • Cached thumbnails

With additional functionality such as previous/next property buttons directly from within each property page this app is a great solution to most estate agency requirements. A robust, optimised and elegant-looking iPhone property app.

Final Fantasy XIII / Xbox microsite

Working with the talented design team at Staak I programmed the Flash App for ffxiiixbox360.com: a branding microsite to launch the hugely popular game Final Fantasy XIII on XBox 360.

The site integrates with the Twitter api to display the latest Twitter tweets about the new Xbox game and enables Twitter users to add their own FFXIII tweets directly through the Flash site.

The latest tweets are presented as interactive tweets orbs orbiting a simple 3D space. This effect was achieved through open source AS3 library Away3D.

Working on an XBox site was a lot of fun and the build went incredibly smoothly for such a tight schedule. So smoothly that I’ve been sent a complimentary Xbox as a bonus 🙂

Channel 4 on Demand / YouTube: Flash Carousel

Channel 4 Television commissioned me to develop the new Flash Carousel featured on the recently launched YouTube 4 on Demand YouTube super page. This new channel promotes the range of existing 4oD channels already hugely popular on YouTube.

My involvement in the project required a quick turnaround, some Flash AS3 programming, animation and some consultancy – liasing with Google (owners of YouTube) and Channel 4 to make the launch of the new page as smooth as possible 🙂