Scoop RSS Feed Reader: AIR Application

Scoop is a Google Reader AIR Application with offline/online Google Reader synchronization built in. It keeps track of multiple Google Reader accounts simultaneously.

Scoop is an AIR Application I developed with Adobe Flex Builder.

For anyone not familiar with RSS Feed Reader’s in summary they allow you to subscribe to multiple RSS news/blog feeds which you’ll find on tonnes and tonnes of websites and blogs in cyberspace. So, every time one of these websites posts a new story on their site the story or summary gets added to their site/page RSS feed – text, images and other media can also come through the feed.

You’ll see links to these RSS feeds on almost all the blog front pages out there and also on many information sites, whatever your interest – News sites, Sports sites, Celebrity Gossip sites etc etc

There’s a great browser based application called Google Reader which enables any google account holder (if you don’t have one already sign up for free here) to easily add any RSS feed to their Google Reader account and keeps track of all your subscribed feeds enabling you to quickly scan the latest scoops of your favorite sites every time you log into Google Reader.

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1,500 installs of Scoop in first 5 days!

My first freeware application – Scoop – got added to the Adobe AIR Marketplace 5 days ago. I just checked the latest download/install figures from Adobe and there have been almost 1,500 installations of the software made since it got launched on the Adobe site just 5 days ago!

I’ve had a tonne of feedback for this Google Reader online/offline desktop app in the last week – some good and some constructive but what certainly seems clear is that a lot of people see the benefits of using an app like this that can make offline google reading / tagging/ starring  possible 🙂

I’m planning to implement a whole bunch of requested features over the next few weeks/months depending on how much free time I get 🙂

Scoop Beta (v0.25) just launched

Have been pretty busy with work recently and haven’t had much spare time to work on my latest personal project but the first public beta of Scoop is finally here.

Scoop is an RSS Feed Reader Adobe Air Application with offline/online Google Reader syncronization built in. It keeps track of multiple Google Reader accounts simultaneously. Read, tag and star your scoops/posts on the train or wherever you like and Scoop will syncronize your changes with Google when you’re back online.

Current features included in this first Beta:

  • Offline mode – all new posts/feeds get stored locally + offline changes you make get syncronized with Google when you’re back online
  • Instant notifications of new scoops/posts from your favorite blogs and websites.
  • Popular Google Read keyboard short cuts like J/K for moving forwards and backwards through your reading lists.
  • Auto-update feature – the application will alert you when a new version of Scoop becomes available.