Blown Away3D

I’ve been staying with a friend (and all round programming Guru) Jethro during my visit to FOTB. He also makes heavy use of Flex in his work and although he was unable to attend yesterday’s presentations he asked if I’d check out the Away 3D talk by Rob Bateman. Jetho has been complaining away over the last few days to me (which isn’t uncommon!) about the instability of the PaperVision3D code-base. He’s using it in a current project and apparently after periodic SVN updates he’s been finding that significant, undocumented changes to the API are not uncommon which of course have knock-on effects on many developer’s projects. Apparently the way the camera focal projection works was changed recently plus a dirty implementation of 3D animation imports led to numerous AS3 errors generated in projects. A few of the examples he’s been complaining about!

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